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Welcome to Maa Ambay Girls School Bhanoki (Phagwara), District Kapurthala, Punjab


Maa Ambay Girls School History

Maa Ambay Girls School was inaugurated on April 8, 2010. The school has 200 students and 13 qualified teaching staff to take care of the educational needs of the students. The school is housed in a beautifully constructed building in Village Bhanoki, 5 kilometres from Phagwara, Kapurthala District, Punjab.


December 2022

The Maa Ambay Girls School Bhanoki (Phagwara), District Kapurthala, Punjab, has been formed with a view of educating girls to a high level of excellence.

This fantastic new learning facility for girls has been built to the highest standard and encompassing all the ingredients necessary for the advancement of India and our young women. The level of education available at Maa Ambay is of the highest standard and virtue. We strive for excellence and for our young girls to receive the very finest tuition.

Maa Ambay Girls School

Of the highest standard and virtue

Aims and Objectives of the Maa Ambay Girls School

Chanda Singh & Rao Kaur Charitable Education and Social Welfare Society (Regd.) aims to promote education especially to the girl children through Maa Ambay Girls School, Bhanoki.

Every effort will be made to upgrade the school till it reaches the secondary level and will be affiliated to C.B.S.E. It also envisions cultural and educational exchange programme between the staff and students of Maa Ambay Girls School and selected schools in Scotland, UK.

The Maa Ambay Girls school is a newly constructed learning facility, set amongst the fine landscape of Bhanoki. Students and staff work together towards a common goal of achieving excellence in everything that they do.

Welcome to Maa Ambay Girls School

Welcome to Maa Ambay Girls School

Participating in skill building projects is an everyday occurrence, and our female Students have opportunities to develop leadership skills. Every femaile student has the opportunity of developing financial budgeting skills; planning for events, preparing for life’s occurrences, cooking and serving a meal; planting a flourishing garden; creating a resume and c.v. building hobby crafts and so on.

At Maa Ambay, we encourage our girl Students to discover who they are. Each student learns to become confident of thier future by following a very proven “develop to succeed” programme. This “develop to succeed” initiative leads every girl student to develop self-esteem, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-management.

Welcome to Maa Ambay

Welcome to Maa Ambay

A fantastic model for learning and leadership development transforming character-building life experience into a high level of self-knowledge, personal connection with the world around them, and an excellent mentoring and educational experience.


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